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McAfee Site Advisor Removal Process

The report aims to describe how to eliminate McAfee SiteAdvisor. The methods are correct and reliable. We recommend that you follow and follow them to avoid problems.

McAfee SiteAdvisor is a website alert tool that tells you if your site is safe in navigation or not. He does this by considering grades. Although this is a fantastic tool, you can uninstall McAfee SiteAdvisor from your computer due to many factors.


Close any application that is currently running on the computer. If you are currently using Vista or Windows 7, click the Start menu and then go to Control Panel. Click below Programs, click Uninstall application. If you do not find this option, or rather are observing a set of applications, you can be in the classic view in the Home area of ​​Control Panel (check on the left). Search for attributes and programs and double-click. Applications can be displayed when the window is open. Start looking for McAfee SiteAdvisor in the recorded applications, select it and press Uninstall. Click button to continue.

If you are prompted for confirmation, click Yes Continue (regardless of the choice you visit there) to move. If you’re using Windows XP, click the Start button and then go to Control Panel> Add or Remove Programs. Wait for the window. Find McAfee SiteAdvisor when done, select it and press the button. You’ll see a button, press it. When prompted, confirm the deletion. Allow McAfee SiteAdvisor removal. When prompted, restart your computer.

This technique will only work if McAfee SiteAdvisor has been set up as a stand-alone application. When configured as a built-in part of the McAfee anti-virus application, you will not discover it as another application under Add or Remove Programs in Windows XP and Programs (Programs and Attributes) from Windows 7 / Vista. Instead, you’ll discover Security Suite or that of McAfee Antivirus from the application. Click and press Uninstall or Delete. Hitting the Uninstall or Remove button, check the box and it will open the McAfee security package. Check removal and let it take care of the rest of this process. When prompted, restart your computer. You can also select and delete items if you want.

Although the program was taken, its registry entries exist in the Registry Editor. You must locate and delete them to remove McAfee SiteAdvisor. You can do it with a cleaner tool or manually. Remember that modification requires a comprehensive understanding of Registry Editor. If you do not do this, you can direct the system to failures or other key problems. We do not recommend the try technique. Connect to the network and download the registry cleaner tool, which is completely free from the website. When prompted, save the document.

Go to the folder, start looking for the file and run it to start the installation wizard. Follow the settings on the screen of this cleaning device. Restart the computer if prompted. When finished, run the application and then run a scan for empty or corrupt registry keys of the uninstalled applications. When finished, ask all or selected keys to wash. You can ask the instrument to create a restore point. Exit the window when done.

Added Tips:

You can even easily turn off McAfee SiteAdvisor instead of removing it. Besides, you can configure or eliminate other McAfee support programs using the McAfee Consumer Products Removal instrument (MCPR.exe). If you’re confused over how to run mcafee unique product key, so you can take our assistance.


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